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Sir Charles Stanley Monck Lord Monk 1819-1894

Sir Charles Stanley Monck

Photo by Alan L Brown - Posted June, 2009

Sir Charles Stanley Monck

Photo by Alan L Brown - Posted June, 2009

Sir Charles Stanley Monck

Photo Source - Wikipedia

Plaque Location

The City of Ottawa
On the long walkway to Rideau Hall
from the corner of Sussex Drive and Rockcliffe Parkway

Coordinates: N 45 26.652 W 75 41.288


Plaque Text

An Irish peer and former member of the Palmerston administration, Lord Monck was named Governor General of British North America in 1861. During the American Civil War he laboured to keep hostilities from spreading north to British territory. An early proponent of the desirability of union of the British North American provinces, Monck devoted his energies and the prestige of his office to the cause of Confederation. His appointment was extended to allow him to become the first Governor General of the Dominion of Canada in 1867. He retired to his estates in Ireland the following year.

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