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Robert Alexander Laidlaw 1886-1976

Robert Alexander Laidlaw 1886-1976

Photos by contributor Wayne Adam - Posted October, 2011

Robert Alexander Laidlaw 1886-1976

Plaque Location

The Region of York
The Town of Georgina
In Roches Point, in front of a church
on the southwest corner of Turner and Raines streets
2 blocks west of Metro Road North (Road 78)

Coordinates: N 44 16.234 W 79 30.093


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Plaque Text

A prominent Ontario businessman and philanthropist, Laidlaw, who is buried here, was born in Barrie and raised and educated in Toronto. He joined his father's firm, the R. Laidlaw Lumber Company Limited following his graduation in 1908, and during a long and successful business career, served it and other important Canadian corporations. Laidlaw is best remembered, however, for his philanthropic work. He made major contributions to leading health care, educational and cultural institutions, including the Hospital for Sick Children, Upper Canada College, the University of Toronto, the National Ballet School and the National Ballet of Canada, and was revered for his generosity. In 1949, Laidlaw, a quiet, modest man despite his many accomplishments, helped establish the Laidlaw Foundation, thus ensuring the continuation of his philanthropic efforts.


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> Posted June 27, 2018
My husband worked for this company for 6 years and never got his pension when they closed. Can anyone help?
Carol Pether carolpether@rogers.com

> Posted April 25, 2017
Hello. I am responding to Claire Paterson Reed who posted a comment below about George Laidlaw. I am writing an article on one of his sons, George E. Laidlaw - specifically about his impact on the development of archaeology in Ontario. I would love to correspond with you about George E. Laidlaw if you are interested. Thank you.
Peter Ramsden peter.g.ramsden@gmail.com

> Posted October 12, 2013
During WW2 my father, Alan Brown, a career soldier in the Royal Armoured Corps was posted to Canada. Accompanied by my mother and myself (aged 3) we were taken under the wing of "Uncle Bobby" and his wife who were immensely kind and generous hosts. When we returned about a year later they began sending us food parcels full of the kind of goods that were unobtainable in wartime England. I remember tinned pineapple, Laura Secord candies, tinned ham, etc, etc. I also remember being taken for a ride in Uncle Bobby's speedboat on Lake Simcoe. I think they had a holiday cabin in nearby Barrie. If this should be read by any of Mr Laidlaw's descendants I would be delighted to hear from them.
Ian Ward Brown ian@ianwb.entadsl.com

> Posted September 23, 2013
Hello, I am descendant of George Laidlaw, railway pioneer in Ontario. There is a plaque dedicated to him on Hwy 48, near Kirkfield, Ontario. I am wondering if I am any relation to Robert A Laidlaw?
With Thanks - Claire Paterson Reed

> Posted July 31, 2012
The church in front of which this plaque stands is Christ Church, and Mr Laidlaw is laid to rest within its grounds (just through the gates, left-hand side). Julia

> Posted December 19, 2009
Let's see. This plaque went up about twenty years ago. Dad and Kay were alive and attended. Peter Sibbald Brown did up a little brochure with a sketch by Catharine. It was a pleasant event. We repaired to Sky House thereafter for drinks and photos taken by Peter Sibbald. I enjoy going to the cemetery to visit my dad and ancestors. I am always proud of the plaque which I had a small had in having placed there rather than downtown Toronto in front of The Hospital for Sick Kids. This is more comfortable and familiar territory. All spoke of grandad's shyness and decency. This therefore is a good place to remember him as well as his funeral.

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