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J.D. Kelly 1862-1958

J.D. Kelly 1862-1958

Photos by contributor Sue Williams - Posted August, 2013

J.D. Kelly 1862-1958

Plaque Location

The County of Northumberland
The Municipality of Trent Hills
In Warkworth, in a park at the intersection of
Mill Street and Old Hastings Road

Coordinates: N 44 12.080 W 77 53.354


Plaque Text

John David Kelly, a gifted painter and illustrator, is best known for his meticulously researched paintings depicting important events in Canada's history. Many of Kelly's paintings and sketches were commissioned for reproduction and were widely distributed. The artist was born at Gore's Landing in 1862 and grew up in Percy Township. He graduated from the Ontario School of Art in 1882, contributed to the noted calendars of the Toronto Art League, and was active in the Graphics Arts Club and the Ontario Society of Artists. Kelly's historical painting is represented in the collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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Here are the visitors' comments for this page.

> Posted January 3, 2014
I have a reproduced painting of 1792 picture of General John Graves Simcoe called War Clouds, by J.D. Kelly, put out by Globe Series of Canadian Historical Pictures No 6 Copyright Canada 1910 by Globe Printing Company. This shows him at his desk giving out land proclamations to Upper Canada settlers.
Fred Ross from Nova Scotia Canada.

> Posted August 23, 2013
My grandmother had a painting in her home of a young lad feeding an apple to a cow. I loved that painting so much. The painting has hung on my walls since she passed away in 1963. I never thought about who painted it, I just assumed it was a friend of my grandmothers from Canada. I was cleaning the frame the other day when I decided to look the Artist up. I was surprised that the name J.D. Kelly came up in Google. My great grand mother and grandmother are from Canada so some how the ending up with this beautiful painting.

> Posted September 18, 2012
I have two portfolios, No 1 and 2, of paintings reproduced from Life's Gallery of Canadian History. They span 450 years and includes significant events in the annals of each province and territories, and the country as a whole. I believe they were commissioned for the 1967 centennial year. The artists are J.D. Kelly, Rex Woods, H.B.Goodridge, Bruce Stapleton Thomas Mitchell, Don Anderson and Vernon Mould.

> Posted May 3, 2012
I found 2 of J.D. Kelly's art work in mom's closet. She passed away in 2011 at age 88. I have no idea if these are lithographs or what and if of any value. In addition, my mom's grandmother was Lenora Kelly from PA and I wonder if there is any family connection?
Katie McCarron kmccarron60@gmail.com

> Posted March 18, 2011
My father was an artist and J.D. Kelly visited him many times, and once he gave my father some of his old quill paint brushes, and I have one of them. I also gave one to one of J.D.'s great grand daughters (I'm not certain of the lineage, as she could be a great niece). I enjoy his work, and he was one of very few artists that my father could tolerate.

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