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Temagami Post 1834

Temagami Post 1834

Photo by contributor Jack Humphrey - April, 2012

Plaque Location

The District of Nipissing
The Municipality of Temagami
Near the site of the former post
on Bear Island in Lake Temagami

Coordinates: N 46 59.010 W 80 04.248


Plaque Text

The first Hudson's Bay post on Lake Timagami was established on the south shore of Timagami Island in 1834 under Chief Trader Richard Hardisty, the father-in-law of Lord Strathcona. It was essentially an outpost of the Company's larger establishment on Lake Timiskaming in the Ottawa Valley. Temagami (originally Timagami) was not a large centre of trade and, in its early days, was abandoned several times. However, in these instances the consequent establishment of rival traders induced the Company to reopen the post. In the 1870's it was moved to this site on Bear Island.

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> Posted May 24, 2017
It would be interesting to know how many people have seen this plaque. Located on Bear Island, the plaque is not accessible by car. To see it, my wife and I approached the owner of Loon Lodge in 2012 and we asked him if he would take us there by boat. Thankfully he wasn't busy. We agreed on a price and off we went. He knew about the plaque and he knew exactly where it was. We could see the plaque as we approached the island. The boat ride took about 10 minutes each way. Other than a boat or some other kind of watercraft, you might be able to fly in but I don't know that for sure. In the winter, after the lake has frozen over, you would have the additional option of getting there by snowmobile.
Albert Joseph ajosepe172@rogers.com

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