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Fort Erie

Fort Erie

Photo by contributor Wayne Adam - Posted November, 2009

Fort Erie

Photo by contributor Wayne Adam - Posted November, 2009

Fort Erie

Photo Source - Wikimedia Commons

Plaque Location

The Region of Niagara
The Town of Fort Erie
To the left of the gate inside the parade square of Fort Erie

Coordinates: N 42 53.590 W 78 55.421


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Plaque Text

Three fortifications occupied this site. The first (1764-1779) and second (c. 1783-1803), located at lower levels, were abandoned when ice and water inundated the works. The third Fort Erie, built between 1805 and 1808, was repaired in January 1814 but was captured by an invading American army in July of that same year. The Americans used it as a base for subsequent operations, retreated here after their defeat at Lundy's Lane, survived a siege by the British in August and September, and destroyed the fort on November 5, 1814. It was rebuilt by The Niagara Parks Commission in 1937-1939.

Battle of Lundy's Lane

Photos and transcriptions by contributor Wayne Adam - Posted April, 2012

Battle of Lundy's Lane Battle of Lundy's Lane Battle of Lundy's Lane

Photo from Google Street View ©2012 Google - Posted April, 2012

Also on the grounds is this column with these
plaques attached.

Plaque Text

In memory of the officers and seamen of the Royal Navy, the officers, non commissioned officers and privates of the Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers, Royal Marines, 1st Royal Scots, 19th Light Dragoons, 6th, 8th (Kings) 41st, 82nd, 89th, 103rd, 104th, and De Watteville's Regiments, the Glengary Light Infantry and the Incorporated Militia who fell during the seige of Fort Erie, August and September
- 1814 -

Plaque Text

Officers killed
During siege of Fort Erie
Colonel Hercules Scott
103rd Reg't.
Lieut-Colonel Wm. Drummond
104th Reg't
Lieut-Colonel John Gordon
Royal Scots
Captain R.D. Patteson 6th Reg't.
      "     Torrens 8th Reg't.
      "     J.M. Wright 82nd Reg't.
      "     Ed. Walker Incor. Militia
Lieut Coples Radcliffe,R.N.
    "   Noel, Royal Scots
    "   J. Rutledge " "
    "   Barstow, 8th Reg't.
    "   Pellichody De Watteville's Reg't.
Ensign C. Langford 82nd Reg't

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Posted August 15, 2014
The great attack on Fort Erie happened 200 years ago tonight. In the midst of a six-week siege, the British attempted to take the fort back from US forces, and on the night of August 15-16, 1814, they launched a three-pronged attack that would prove deadly for both sides, but especially the British, whose troops suffered the full force of a powder magazine's explosion. Other actions in the immediate area, both before and after August 15, added to that night's carnage, making Fort Erie the country's bloodiest battlefield. -Wayne

Posted February 23, 2013
Thank you for this site! Very nice pictures & descriptions to share with my kids & their classmates!

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