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The Founding of London

The Founding of London

Photo by Alan L Brown - Posted June, 2005

The Founding of London

Photo from Google Street View ©2010 Google - Posted December, 2010

Plaque Location

The County of Middlesex
The City of London
On the southwest corner of Dundas Street and Ridout Street

Coordinates: N 42 58.939 W 81 15.251


Plaque Text

In 1793 here on the river Thames, Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe selected a site for the capitol of Upper Canada. York, however, became the seat of government and the townsite of London lay undeveloped until its selection in 1826 as the judicial and administrative centre of the London District. A court-house and gaol (1829) and homes for the government officials were built, stores and hotels were opened, and by 1834 the community contained over 1100 inhabitants. A British garrison stationed at London in 1838 stimulated its growth. Two years later it was incorporated as a Town. With the development of a prosperous agricultural hinterland and the completion of the Great Western Railway London became a City in 1855.

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> Posted March 17, 2010
A question. The text on the plaque notes:"the townsite of London lay undeveloped until its selection in 1876 as the judicial and administrative centre of the London District." Yet, a courthouse and 'gaol' were built in 1829 " and by 1834 the community contained over 1100 inhabitants." Surely that first statement about 1876 is inaccurate. Perhaps it was meant to say 1826? Your Wikipedia link in a section about the founding of London notes: "the village of London was not founded until 1826." I guess that's what your posted comment "TYPO 1876 instead of 1826." refers to. Perhaps my longer comment would be clearer. Thanks for doing such a great job on this site. Joe Lella [Editor's Response: Thanks. Text now corrected].

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