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Hamilton Central Public School

Hamilton Central Public School

Photo by Alan L Brown - Posted April, 2004

Hamilton Central Public School

Photo from Google Street View ©2011 Google - Posted February, 2011

Hamilton Central Public School

Photo from Google Street View ©2016 Google - Posted February, 2016

Plaque Location

The City of Hamilton
On the southeast corner of
Hunter Street West and Bay Street South

Coordinates: N 43 15.278 W 79 52.506


Plaque Text

This school, built to accommodate 1,000 students, was the largest graded school in Upper Canada, and became the only public school in Hamilton, at the time of its opening in 1853. Among the earliest examples of an institution inspired by the reforms of Egerton Ryerson, the province's chief superintendent of education (1844-1876), it incorporated his scheme of an integrated, rational, and graduated public education system based upon a central school and primary feeders. The building's original finely proportioned Classical design, by the firm of Cumberland and Ridout, was extensively remodelled in 1890 by the Hamilton architect, James Balfour. His alterations, including a steeply pitched roof, certain round-arched windows and a heightened central tower, created an edifice in conformity with late Victorian tastes.


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Here are the visitors' comments for this page.

> Posted July 31, 2016
I attended CPS during the early 1940's. I belong to a group of old students called The Central Public School Old Boys. We get together once a year and this year someone brought in a couple of class pictures taken in the early '40s and I was in one of them. This has got me wondering about other classmates and school pictures. I was surprised to find that I was in a picture as I don't remember them being taken and obviously I don't have copies of any. I am writing to ask if anyone knows if and where any of these old school records, ie class pictures along with names of students might be kept and how I could access them. Any ideas anyone might have would be much appreciated.
John (Jack) Walker lynnewalker@bell.net

> Posted June 20, 2013
I was a Central student for Grades Five and Six in the early seventies, with Mr. Snell as my teacher for both those years. I remember him very fondly and my sentiments echo the previous post about his kindness. He was a lovely man and a great teacher. I hope he had many more years of teaching and is still healthy and happy. Living and going to school in Central Hamilton was a great experience and a testament to the benefits of mixed income neighbourhoods and education. -MAM

> Posted April 2, 2013
To all the great students whoa attended this wonderful public school. We played British bull dog in the yard. The school yard was split between boys and girls. Principal Mr. Fraser Kindergarten Ms Locke grade one Ms. Shoefelt/ Ms Ferguson/ Ms Whylie/ Mr. Ferguson/ Ms Nagannobu/ Mr. Harris/ Mr. Irvine. Can you still remember the air raid sirens being tested?

> Posted April 4, 2012
I attended Central public in 1967. I immigrated from England and was lucky enough to have in my opinion the best education a child could have. I was a mixed race child and I have to commend the teachers for making my childhood no different than anyone else. There must have been racism around but not at this school. The teachers were caring and gave me a wonderful start in life. I haven't been back to Hamilton for 30 years. This summer I will bring my family from Paris, France where I now reside. I look forward to seeing the playground where I had so many found memories. I remember a teacher called Mr. Snell who inspired me to play sports at Ryerson when I left Grade 6 because I was the only girl who could hit the ball clear outside the playground. This was the best advice he could have given me. I still have letters from the mayor Mr. Copps and Prime Minister Trudeau congratulating me for playing basketball for Ontario, Canada. I also played for Great Britain Olympic team of 1984. I was 2 time all Canadian when I attended Laurentian University in the early 1980's.I have traveled the world and I thank all those teachers at Central Public for making my childhood a happy one. I now teach Grade 5 and let's just say that I still carry Mr. Snell's kindness in my heart. I look forward to tracing my footsteps summer of 2012.

> Posted September 22, 2009
Hey everyone! This is Nelie, an old student from here. I was in Miss Marshall's class in grade 1, Miss Scharf's class in grade 2, Mrs. Galima's class in grade 3, and in Mr. Soverign's class in grade 4. I was just wondering how it is at Central. I'm having a great time at R.A. Riddell. Well, thank you and have a marvellous year!

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