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Hull's Landing 1812

Hull's Landing 1812

Photo by Alan L Brown - Posted September, 2004

Hull's Landing 1812

Photo by contributor Wayne Adam - Posted September, 2011

Hull's Landing 1812

Photo Source - Wikipedia

Plaque Location

The County of Essex
The City of Windsor
On the north side of Riverside Drive East
at the first traffic lights west of Walker Road

Coordinates: N 42 19.557 W 83 00.728


Plaque Text

On July 12, 1812, Brigadier-General William Hull, commander of the North Western Army of the United States, landed with about 2,000 men near this site. He issued a proclamation stating that he came here to liberate Canada from oppression. The British garrison at Amherstburg was too weak to oppose the invasion, but it later fought several skirmishes at the River Canard. On July 26, British reinforcements under Colonel Henry Proctor arrived and, on August 7-8, Hull withdrew to Detroit, leaving a small garrison near Sandwich which retired on August 11, at the approach of Major-General Isaac Brock.

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> Posted September 18, 2012
Reply to Christina: Don't worry, you didn't miss its unveiling by mere days or weeks. Based on the style, this plaque was probably erected in the late 1950s to early 1960s. Various clues lead to this: the large typeface used for the title; the refined quality of the provincial coat of arms; the name of the agency which erected it (a precursor to the Ontario Heritage Foundation and Ontario Heritage Trust); and its War of 1812 subject. That was a favorite early topic for provincial plaques soon after the program began in 1956. -Wayne

> Posted September 14, 2012
Hi...Can someone please tell me when this plaque was erected? What time was this scheduled to happen? Thank You

> Posted July 17, 2012
Just a note to acknowledge the bicentennial of this event, a few days ago. Perhaps it was marked somehow in Windsor.

> Posted July 9, 2012
your transcription has an error; it says July 4 instead of July 12 [Editor's Response: Thanks. I've now corrected it.]

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