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Sergeant Aubrey Cosens, V.C. 1921-1945

Sergeant Aubrey Cosens, V.C. 1921-1945

Photo by Alan L Brown - Posted July, 2006

Sergeant Aubrey Cosens, V.C. 1921-1945

Photo by contributor Albert Joseph - Posted December, 2010

Plaque Location

The District of Cochrane
Town of Iroquois Falls
At a tourist booth on the east side of Highway 11
1.0 km south of the northern junction with Highway 67

Coordinates: N 48 42.133 W 80 47.390


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Plaque Text

Born in Latchford and raised near Porquis Junction, Cosens enlisted in the Argyll and Sutherland Regiment, Canadian Active Service Force, in 1940 and transferred to the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada in 1944. Early on February 26, 1945, his unit attacked German forces at Mooshof, Holland, a strategic position vital to the success of future operations. His platoon suffered heavy casualties and Cosens assumed command. Supported by a tank, he led another attack against three enemy strongpoints, which he captured single-handed. He later was killed by a sniper. For his "outstanding gallantry, initiative and determined leadership" he was posthumously awarded the Commonwealth's highest decoration for valour, the Victoria Cross.


Victoria Cross

Iroquois Falls Plaques

Here are the visitors' comments for this page.

> Posted December 29, 2015
Scrolling through the Ontarioplaques, I came across one dedicated to Sgt Aubrey Cosens VC. Of interest is that during my last posting as Adjutant to the Commanding Officer at the Land Forces Area Training Centre in Meaford Ontario during the time it was completely rebuilt into an active training base, I was deeply involved in the naming of the streets and buildings. It had been decided that all the streets were to be named after soldiers who had been awarded a Victoria Cross. Among those researched and selected was Sgt Aubrey Cosens VC. Discovering that he came from Northern Ontario I argued strenuously on his behalf and was successful and proud in having one of the main buildings named after him. Perhaps not so well known is the fact that Northern Ontario gave life to many talented individuals other than Hockey players. Sadly, it is something Northerners often take for granted and frequently ignored by Southerners.

> Posted February 21, 2014
Totally agree Mooshof is definitely in Germany. Have been there numerous times.
Brian Budden, formwe RSM , The Queen's Own Rifles Of Canada

> Posted August 7, 2010
Hello Alan, I have just been surfing on the net and came across your photo of Aubrey Cosens V.C. I read the Plaque and saw that they have Mooshof in Holland, the authorities who were responsible for the making of the plaque did not do their homework properly. Mooshof is in Germany on the lower Rhine near a small german village called Keppeln.
Greetings from Uedem. Steve Heppenstall (ex-RAF)

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