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The Great Fire of 1922

The Great Fire of 1922

Photo by contributor Jamie Toeppner - Posted November, 2005

The Great Fire of 1922

Photo from Google Street View ©2010 Google - Posted October, 2010

Plaque Location

The District of Timiskaming
The Village of Thornloe
In a roadside park on Highway 11 at Poly-Ure Road
2.7 km south of the Earlton Railway Overpass

Coordinates: N 47 41.816 W 79 47.273


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Plaque Text

On October 4, 1922, scattered bush fires which had been burning for some days north of Haileybury were united by strong winds into a holocaust which spread over most of 18 townships and took an estimated 43 lives. Burning out of control between the Englehart and Cobalt areas, it destroyed the communities of North Cobalt, Charlton, Thornloe and Heaslip, while Englehart and New Liskeard were partly consumed. The thriving town of Haileybury was razed except for a few buildings on the shore of Lake Timiskaming. On the night of October 5 the wind dropped and snow and rain helped extinguish the fire. A massive emergency relief programme helped to restore the economy of the area.

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> Posted September 30, 2012
Thank you so much for the information. It really helped me in my project.

> Posted April 19, 2011
My great grandma was on the last bus out of there.

> Posted June 25, 2010
The city of Melbourne was destroyed, but there is a small town left, which is where I come from...what kinda pictures are you looking for? i've got some from before of the hotels and stuff on the main strip in Melbourne, but there are no real restrictions to the pictures of modern Melbourne I can get... since I live there, the possibilities are endless...

> Posted May 17, 2010
Was the city of Melbourne destroyed by the fire of 1922, if so do you have any pictures? hot-pop2000@hotmail.com Thank you

> Posted January 11, 2009
It would have been Harvey Kirk, who grew up just a bit south of there.

> Posted August 8, 2008
97.9 radio in Halifax today featured a short article about a fire stretching from Cobalt to South Porcupine on August 9, 1911, which I had never heard of. I thought maybe they had made a mistake. Google showed me that they didn't. I don't remember hearing of it before. That brought me to this website. Thanks for posting the picture. I attended the unveiling when I was a student at Hilliardton Public School. I'm not certain but I think that Jim Prince from CFCL TV (CBC Timmins) and Lloyd Robertson attended, or maybe Harvey Kirk. Does anyone remember? Gwendolyn (Wright) Hochheimer, Lower Sackville, N.S. formerly of Hilliardton, ON

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